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116th BNH : The Art of Care Gallery

To mark the occasion of BNH Hospital’s 116th anniversary, the hospital will hold an art exhibition with 16 paintings whose theme is the “The Art of Care Gallery”, which illustrates the historical background of BNH Hospital and its journey to where it is today, as it has achieved medical excellence and has been acknowledged by […]

Shimmy And Shake

The term “belly dance” was coined in the 19th century when a performer named Little Egypt danced in a two-piece costumer that was considered risqué at the time. Today, the dance form has become popular throughout the world, and one of Bangkok’s best-known belly dance teachers is Liz Williams, a therapist who incorporates the dance […]

Belly Dancercise…a trendy stress reliever for patients with chronic diseases

When we talk  about “Belly Dancercise”, many people may picture a Middle Eastern woman gracefully shimmying, moving her hips to the earthy tempo and exciting beats of the music all to rapturous applause from the audience, however according to 52 year old British Belly Dance teacher Liz Williams, a Belly Dancercise instructor and therapist from BNH […]