116th BNH : The Art of Care Gallery

To mark the occasion of BNH Hospital’s 116th anniversary, the hospital will hold an art exhibition with 16 paintings whose theme is the “The Art of Care Gallery”, which illustrates the historical background of BNH Hospital and its journey to where it is today, as it has achieved medical excellence and has been acknowledged by patients for its excellence a long period of time. The event will be publicized in the media to help breast cancer patients. The revenue from the auction of paintings   and artworks from BNH’s painting class will be donated to research projects for Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.


The exhibition halls:

1st fl. Lobby   2 paintings

4thfl. In front of the lifts, Zone A and Zone   2 paintings

4thfl. BNH Museum in front of Women’s Health Centre   12 paintings


How to see the painting definition

  • Scan QR Code to see the meaning and significance of each painting

Special activity to receive Limited Edition Magnet which is limited only to 116 pieces

  • Scan QR Code to see the painting’s meaning and significance
  • Share the explanation of all 16 paintings on Facebook
  • Send the sharing confirmation to BNH Hospital Facebook Fanpage via inbox

Art Class

  • For any individual interested in joining the art class led by professional art teachers in order to put up the painting for auction, please contact 02-686-2700 ext. 1825 – 1828 for more information.